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Kevin Ryczko

My name is Kevin Ryczko and I worked with Prof. I. Tamblyn in the field of Renewable Energy Nanoscience. I was a PhD student in the physics program at uOttawa and a Master's student in the modelling and computational science program at UOIT. I finished my thesis at the National Research Council of Canada in Canada's capital.


Masters research

My research consisted of studying liquid water-metal interfaces to understand the fundamentals of water electrolysis. Namely, I used ab initio electronic structure methods to investigate different interfaces. For more information, see the publications section or below.

Undergraduate research

In my fourth year thesis, I studied online social networks, and built a simulation package called hashkat. The main objective of this work was to understand how online social networks grow, how connections form, and how information propogates throught them. See the publications section or below to read more.

Publications / Posters / Presentations

  • Kevin Ryczko, Isaac Tamblyn. (2017) Structural characterizations of water-metal interfaces with large-scale first principles molecular dynamics. APS March Meeting. (Presentation)
  • Kevin Ryczko, Adam Domurad, Nicholas Buhagiar, Isaac Tamblyn. (2017). Hashkat: large-scale simulations of online social networks. Social Network Analysis and Mining.
  • Kevin Ryczko, Isaac Tamblyn. (2016). Structural characterizations of water-metal interfaces. arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.02307.
  • Michael Lindstrom, Iain Moyles, Kevin Ryczko. (2016). Electric ion dispersion as a new type of mass spectrometer. Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies. 7(1): 1-13.
  • Kevin Ryczko, Jeremy Budd, Mike Lindstrom, Iain Moyles, Mary Pugh. (2014). Mass Spectrometry. Fields-Mprime Industrial Problem Solving Workshop, Toronto, Canada (Presentation)
  • Kevin Ryczko, Isaac Tambyln. (2014). Large Scale Density Functional Theory Calculations of Water. International summer school on computational quantum materials. (Poster)
  • Kevin Ryczko, Isaac Tamblyn. (2013). The Quantum Molecular Dynamics of Liquid Water. Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (Presentation)


  • 3rd place oral presentation in the category of theoretical/mathematical physics (CUPC 2013)
  • NSERC CGS-M (2014)
  • OGS (2016)
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